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About me
I started my own pottery studio and shop in 1999, after some years of studies and practice. In my studio, I create functional stoneware for everyday use.

I'm living in the southeast "corner" Sweden. Kivik is a former fishing village facing the Baltic Sea, well known for its summer market and the many apple orchards. It's a region appreciated by both artist and tourists for its special light and beautiful landscape.

My work
My functional pieces are all wheel thrown and much of it will be altered while still a bit moist. The decorations are created by pinching, pushing and stretching with my fingers and also by using stamps and different slip techniques.
I use a local stoneware clay, found only half an hour drive from here. When fired unglazed, it will produce a beautiful varied sandcolored/tanned surface, so sometimes I leave parts unglazed as a contrast to the glossy glazes. My most used glaze is the white tin glaze. It allows the dark clay to shine through to accentuate slip trailed decorations and edges in a rusty brown shade.

Buy my work

My studio shop is open to visit between easter and august +saturdays in september. The visitor can also have a peek into the working area and see what's going on there. For visiting other times of the year, please give me a call or mail first: +4641470100  info@kajsaskeramik.se  I also have several retailers in the nearby surroundings. Follow the links beneath headline "länkar" to find them

This webbshop is for domestic and EU buyers only. I can arrange shipping to the rest of the world as well, most easily by using my Etsy shop (at the moment not in regular use). Please let me know which item you'd like, and I will arrange for worldwide shipping


Other places to find me

Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWu1fzcgdiHfx7xvMSETiOQ Some films where you can see the process of my work (speaking only in swedish)

Instagram   @keraleij

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kajsaskeramik

Pinterest:  http://se.pinterest.com/kajsainkivik/